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Augmented Mulesoft Development Team



Augmented Mulesoft Development Team

Chirpn provided an augmented team of Mulesoft developers at their offshore office in India to support a leading broadcaster in Australia
The client required a skilled team to work closely with their in-house team in Australia and take charge of developing Mulesoft interfaces for new projects.


The client needed a dedicated and skilled team to handle Mulesoft development and support tasks for their ongoing projects.
Close coordination and communication between the offshore team and the client's team in Australia were crucial for successful project execution.
The augmented team was responsible for developing Mulesoft interfaces for new projects, addressing bug fixes, and providing enhancement support.


Chirpn provided a highly qualified and experienced team of Mulesoft developers to form an augmented team at their offshore office in India.
The augmented team worked closely with the client's team in Australia, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration throughout the project.
The team took full responsibility for Mulesoft development, from project initiation to design and implementation, for various new projects.
Chirpn's resources efficiently handled day-to-day activities like bug fixing and enhancement support, ensuring smooth project operations.


The augmented Mulesoft development team proved to be an invaluable asset for the leading broadcaster, delivering high-quality results and solutions.
Close collaboration between the offshore and onshore teams facilitated effective project execution and timely deliverables.
The Mulesoft interfaces developed by the team successfully integrated new projects, enhancing the client's operational efficiency.
Day-to-day support from Chirpn's resources ensured prompt bug fix ing and efficient handl ing of enhancement requests, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
Chirpn's involvement in the initiation of the Mulesoft design and implementation project showcased their expertise and commitment to providing comprehensive solutions.

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