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Enterprise Data Warehouse Transformation at Leading Health Insurance Provider 



Enterprise Data Warehouse Transformation at Leading Health Insurance Provider 

A prominent health insurance provider in Australia embarked on a vital journey to modernize its enterprise data warehouse (EDW). Their legacy architecture, relying on Cognos and SQL Server, struggled to meet evolving demands for data management, analytics, and reporting. The organization sought a partner with extensive expertise to support the migration to a more agile and scalable architecture.


The challenge was critical: the health insurance provider needed to transform its EDW infrastructure, which was reliant on outdated Cognos and SQL Server systems. These legacy systems were no longer capable of handling the evolving data management and analytics requirements. The organization recognized the need for a modern, agile, and scalable architecture to support its data-driven decision-making processes.


Chirpn took the lead as the trusted partner for this ambitious EDW transformation. The approach was comprehensive, including migration expertise to transition from legacy systems to modern tools, setting up core data warehouses, 24/7 batch support with high-priority SLAs, architectural transformation using Snowflake, Talend, and Tableau, Data Vault modeling for flexible data integration, Talend integration, SSIS migration, and a custom ETL framework. These efforts ensured a seamless shift to modern technologies, significantly improving data processing efficiency, data agility, 24/7 reliability, and future readiness for the health insurance provider.


Chirpn's partnership resulted in transformative outcomes for the health insurance provider. The migration to modern technologies, such as Snowflake, Talend, and Tableau, significantly enhanced data processing efficiency, reducing reporting and analytics latency. The adoption of Data Vault modeling allowed seamless integration of data from diverse sources, providing comprehensive insights. The dedicated 24/7 support ensured the consistent operation of crucial data batches, meeting high-priority SLAs without interruptions. The organization is now well-prepared for future growth and innovation in data-driven healthcare services, thanks to its modernized EDW infrastructure.