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ETL Design & Implementation



ETL Design & Implementation

Chirpn's skilled resources were engaged in a Talend implementation project in collaboration with the MuleSoft team for a leading broadcaster in Australia
The client required a robust and efficient data integration solution to handle metadata-based ingestion and streamline their data processing workflows.


The client needed a reliable team with expertise in Talend Data Integration to implement and support the metadata-based ingestion frameworks.
Talend Remote Engine pairing, maintenance, and load balancing configuration were crucial to ensure seamless data processing across the organization.
Efficient deployment of Talend artefacts, tasks, and plans was essential for the smooth functioning of the data integration solution.
The team was required to have a comprehensive understanding of various ETL tools to troubleshoot and support complex load processes at the production support level


Chirpn deployed its skilled resources with expertise in Talend Data Integration to work in conjunction with the MuleSoft team for a comprehensive solution.
The team successfully implemented and supported Talend Data Integration metadata-based ingestion frameworks to streamline data ingestion and processing.
Talend Remote Engine pairing, maintenance, and load balancing were efficiently configured, ensuring optimal performance of the data integration solution.
Chirpn's resources effectively handled the deployment of Talend artefacts, tasks, and plans, enabling the client to manage their data workflows effectively.
The team's broad understanding of various ETL tools, in addition to Talend, provided them with a well-rounded approach to understanding load processes and troubleshooting issues at the production support level.


The Talend implementation and support project enabled the leading broadcaster to achieve efficient and reliable data integration across their organization.
Metadata-based ingestion frameworks facilitated seamless data processing, enhancing data accuracy and accessibility for decision-making.
Talend Remote Engine configuration and maintenance ensured smooth data processing, minimizing disruptions and downtime.
Effective deployment of Talend artefacts and tasks streamlined data workflows, improving overall data management efficiency.
Chirpn's resources' comprehensive knowledge of ETL tools allowed for effective troubleshooting and support, resulting in minimal production issues and optimized performance.

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