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Rebuild of Screening Room Application



Rebuild of Screening Room Application

The client, a prominent media company, had a screening room platform in place for journalists and PR professionals to preview episodes in advance
However, the current screening room was outdated and not user-friendly, leading to low user engagement and dissatisfaction.
The client wanted to redesign and re-platform the screening room to make it more attractive, user-friendly, and efficient
The new platform needed to address the challenges faced by journalists and PR professionals when previewing and accessing PR material.


The current screening room platform was not user-friendly and lacked an attractive interface, leading to difficulties for journalists and PR professionals in accessing and reviewing preview episodes.
Managing PR material was cumbersome due to the lack of bulk upload and download capabilities.


Chirpn initiated a Discovery phase, conducting workshops with business, IT, and other relevant teams to understand requirements and gather insights.
Detailed requirements were documented in a comprehensive Business Requirements Document (BRD).
Wireframes were created based on the BRD to visualize the new user interface and interactions.
The development plan was meticulously crafted, choosing the latest and most suitable tech stack adhering to the company's policies.
Integrations with Brightcove, AWS, and AD were implemented to streamline video processing, content metadata retrieval, and user management, respectively.
A user-friendly system was designed with a preview episode upload feature, bulk upload/download capability, and a schedule view for series.


The redesigned screening room provided a vastly improved user experience, enabling journalists and PR professionals to easily access and review preview episodes in advance.
The addition of bulk upload and download functionality enhanced the management of PR materials, saving time and effort for users.
The schedule view feature offered an organized way to track series uploaded to the platform, improving content accessibility and planning.
The integrations with Brightcove, AWS, and AD contributed to the platform's efficiency, ensuring smooth video playback, content metadata retrieval, and secure user management.
Overall, Chirpn's solution transformed the screening room into a user-friendly and feature-rich platform, contributing to increased productivity and positive feedback from users.

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