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Digital Revenue Management Application



Digital Revenue Management Application

Chirpn was engaged by a prominent broadcaster in Australia to develop a custom web application for managing digital revenues.
The client sought a solution that could efficiently handle the invoicing and management of digital sales invoices.


The client needed a robust and scalable web application to manage a large volume of digital sales invoices.
Integration with Google DSP was crucial to streamline invoicing for programmatic inventory sales.
Seamless communication with various third-party systems and internal platforms was essential for data accuracy and efficiency.


Chirpn developed a custom web application using Java and Angular to provide an intuitive interface for viewing and managing digital sales invoices.
The application was seamlessly integrated with Google DSP, automating the invoicing process for programmatic inventory sales.
Mulesoft served as the intermediary layer, enabling smooth communication between the application and third-party systems.
The application was designed to handle a high volume of transactions securely and efficiently.


The custom web application delivered by Chirpn enabled the broadcaster to manage digital revenues effectively and with ease.
Integration with Google DSP streamlined the invoicing process for programmatic inventory sales, reducing manual efforts and errors.
Mulesoft's integration capabilities ensured real-time data exchange with various third-party systems, enhancing operational efficiency.
The application's user-friendly interface and advanced features resulted in increased user adoption and improved productivity.
Chirpn's ongoing support and maintenance of the application ensured uninterrupted performance and continued success.

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