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Parentis Health - Digital Transformation via Org-wide Digital Fabric



Parentis Health - Digital Transformation via Org-wide Digital Fabric

Parentis Health, a leading assistive healthcare provider, is dedicated to delivering personalized care for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Their experienced team ensures the well-being and comfort of your loved ones, enhancing their quality of life through compassionate and tailored healthcare solutions. With a focus on digital transformation, Parentis Health strives to achieve business agility without compromising on the quality of care provided to their patients


Finding the right CRM that can handle end-to-end patient flow and requirements.
Automating their CAP calculation and making it readily available for all their team members


Chirpn was brought in to provide consultation to Parentis Health to help choose the right CRM.
Chirpn did discovery sessions with their team members to lay down the end-to-end patient flow and requirements that they needed from their CRM
Chirpn helped parents through the implementation of the chosen CRM.
Chirpn also helped Parentis update their website to make it more user-friendly and better looking while implementing proper SEO and analytics on it.
Chirpn was also involved in converting their CAP calculation process from an excel-driven process to a web application that allowed their team to readily look at CAPs per patient and keep a tab on patient level and aggregate revenue.


Parentis Health has grown multifold by efficiently executing and selling and by implementing data-driven decision
And operational efficiency Chirpn has been Parentis' trusted IT partner and has helped them in implementing the right CRM
The website redesign has resulted in 33% increase in user engagement and 68% increase in organic traffic
The CAP calculation process has increased the efficiency by 84%

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