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Why Global Leaders See Generative AI as a Game-Changer?

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    June 03, 2024

In various sectors, there is growing enthusiasm and interest in generative AI and large language models. Indeed, this has recently monitored the levels of interest among 2,300 leaders worldwide. Research discovered that 97% believe that generative AI will have a transformative impact on both their company and industry. This statistic is truly awe-inspiring. It's hard to imagine any other technology that has garnered the attention of both business leaders and the public as rapidly and thoroughly. This data is truly amazing, showcasing the immense possibilities of generative AI for businesses.

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That is the reason we want you to delve into the discoveries and grasp the uniqueness of generative AI.

A Fresh Beginning

Generative AI is leading to a new era where machines are able to produce precise content and understandings in plain, everyday language on a large scale, nearly instantaneously. The advent of Generative AI in marketing that is accessible to all is leading to a total transformation in our approach to accomplishing tasks. And it's occurring quickly. In the upcoming ten years, we anticipate generative AI becoming a major trend, with Chirpn suggesting it will revolutionize approximately 40% of total working hours in various economies.

A Revolutionary Development for Worldwide Commerce

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What is the opinion of business leaders themselves? We examined additional key findings from our latest survey. Nearly all survey participants (97%) think that generative AI is a revolutionary technology worth investing in for the long haul. And an equal amount of people are eager to investigate the investment prospects in the upcoming year. 

Executives recognize the significant opportunities in fields such as IT Operations, customer service, research and development, product development, coding and software development, and content creation. This demonstrates the great potential technology has in quickly advancing innovation throughout every aspect of AI for business. 

Putting Money into the Technological Foundation

Naturally, achieving significant outcomes requires making investments. Generative AI is closely linked to other technologies in the digital core. The positive development is that almost all organizations, with the exception of a few (5%), intend to raise their technology expenditures relative to their revenue in the coming year. This indicates that in today's business world, technology is central to all aspects of a company. Investing in the digital core, whether it be cloud, data, or AI, is fundamental for meeting all the strategic needs of AI solutions for business. Moreover, the research shows that in 2023, two-thirds (67%) of businesses are planning to increase their investments in data and AI.

A Complicated Adventure

That investment is desperately required. Business leaders acknowledge the difficulties they encounter during this process. Take into account that 56% of people identified a lack of data readiness as the primary barrier to adopting AI. It is evident that companies are still struggling with long-standing problems regarding the quality, availability, and management of data. Finding solutions to these problems will be challenging. However, it is an essential part of maximizing the benefits of generative AI technology on a large scale. It requires fresh approaches, operational frameworks, commercial justifications, and digital core structures that can leverage AI advancements.

Our Dedication to Assist

This is a primary factor driving Chirpn to invest in data and AI capabilities.
We are dedicating resources to assets, industry solutions, ventures, acquisitions, talent, and ecosystem partnerships. We are expanding our data and AI practice by twice its current size. We have also created an AI framework and made use of AutoCAR. It is a platform driven by generative AI that assists customers in defining business cases, selecting architectures, and making crucial business decisions during their AI for business expeditions. These abilities are created to help our customers utilize the complete power of generative AI and the complete power of AI for business to transform their approach, technology, and methods of operation.

Control and Accountability are Crucial

Business executives are understandably anxious to begin. More than half (56%) of respondents claim their companies are prepared at an organizational level to expand generative AI initiatives. However, they also acknowledge the importance of safely and responsibly navigating this journey. Surprisingly, 93% of executives surveyed show approval for a certain degree of government regulation in the field of AI.

This highlights the idea that numerous ethical and societal consequences remain not completely comprehended, let alone resolved. Businesses acknowledge that the rapid rate of change is causing uncertainty and are seeking advice on how to effectively handle it.

Creating or updating responsible AI solutions for business frameworks for enterprises is crucial for another important reason. This is something that Chirpn has always supported. Indeed, we integrated ethical AI guidelines into our fundamental company ethics as early as 2023.

Recreating the Concept of Work

Chirpn believes that approximately 40% of all working hours will be transformed by generative AI for business, potentially leading to a significant impact on the workforce. This doesn't imply that 40% of work will be removed; instead, it indicates that certain tasks will be altered, with some being automated and others being enhanced. This will transform how work is conducted and how value is generated. Truly, the remarkable thing about generative AI in marketing is its wide range of applications. There are infinite possibilities for transformation in numerous human activities in various industries.

Therefore, it is positive news that more than 70% of companies have scheduled training programs for 2024 to ensure their employees are adequately trained to utilize generative AI for business tools. This proactive strategy for enhancing skills is the correct approach. It shows that in many job duties, generative AI in marketing will mainly enhance human employees instead of replacing them.

An Accessible Technology for All Individuals

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The survey provides concrete data to support the findings we've collected from almost a thousand client discussions. The main conclusion is that corporate executives understand the enormous potential of generative AI and are eager to implement it.


The important thing is to create solutions that can be easily expanded and provide actual benefits in daily tasks. However, transforming tests into a tool that can completely revolutionize large-scale business processes is not an easy task. It signifies developing the rationale for the business. Understanding the application of generative AI and its appropriate usage cases. And preparing the digital core for optimal performance. 

It involves evaluating the ecosystem partners and models to utilize. Reorganizing business procedures to incorporate AI technology. Providing individuals with training in alternative work methods.


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