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Embedded Analytics for Digital Health Startup 



Embedded Analytics for Digital Health Startup 

A forward-thinking digital health startup in the Bay Area faced a pivotal challenge: to revolutionize patient care and healthcare operations, they needed to establish an embedded analytics platform that seamlessly integrated with their systems, aggregated patient visit data, and provided actionable insights.


The challenge was monumental. The startup aspired to bring data-driven transformation to healthcare, necessitating the creation of a robust embedded analytics platform. This platform had to seamlessly integrate with their systems, extract essential patient visit data, and provide actionable insights for improved patient health and hospital finances. The challenge encompassed a wide array of tasks, from data integration and transformation to creating a diverse range of reports to support healthcare professionals.


Chirpn orchestrated a solution that harnessed the power of embedded analytics, providing a comprehensive set of strategic steps. This included Yellowfin Server Deployment on Google Cloud-based infrastructure, integration with Epic EHR for vital data extraction, data transformation via ETL tools, and the design of a flexible database structure to support diverse reporting needs. Over 50 reports were crafted, each offering valuable insights into patient health and financial performance. Ongoing support and enhancements ensured the platform's continuous evolution.

Sample Reports

The platform delivered a wide array of sample reports, including: 
  1. COVID-19 Patient Details: Offering a comprehensive view of patient medical histories, crucial for pandemic response and patient care.
  2. Patient Wait Time Report: Highlighting patient wait times, a critical metric for optimizing clinical operations and patient satisfaction. 
  3. Clinical Operations: Daily encounter tracking, no-show analysis, and average payment per encounter reports provided actionable insights into clinical operations and financial performance.


Chirpn's embedded analytics solution had a profound impact on the digital health startup. Healthcare professionals were endowed with data-driven insights that enhanced patient care and decision-making. The platform's optimization of clinical operations and financial management translated into significant gains in operational efficiency. In the critical context of the COVID-19 pandemic, detailed patient histories facilitated a rapid and informed response. The platform's scalability ensured its adaptability to the evolving needs of the startup as it expanded, solidifying its position as a pioneer in data-driven healthcare transformation.

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